viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2022

Crones “Secular Saints” Video/Single

Canadian Art-Punk miscreants Crones return with “Secular Saints,” the first single & video from their headphone rumbling new EP “Laugh Freely, Laugh Often.” Composed completely from AI generated images cut together into a “faux-animation” style by primary songwriter & frontperson Nathan Kelly, the video for “Secular Saints” is an intense experience, jammed into under two minutes. Using over 3000 images generated by Midjourney AI the video for “Secular Saints” has a gritty, comic-book style that ends in the immolation of the band’s exaggerated avatars. “Obviously we’re much better looking than what these images represent, but we got as close as we could” says Kelly. The frenetic energy of the video for “Secular Saints” is the perfect introduction to the band’s new EP “Laugh Freely, Laugh Often” which is scheduled for release through Mystic Turnip Records on October 28th 2022.

“Laugh Freely, Laugh Often” will be released Friday October 28th on all DSPs & physically on LP & CD via Bandcamp.


     Utilizing the forced downtime they experienced during the pandemic enabled Crones, consisting of Nathan Kelly (guitar/vocals,) Britt Meierhofer (vocals,) Chris Dibbens (bass/vocals,) Calvin Hilde (guitar/keys,) & Landon Hilde (drums,) to write a breadth of exciting new material. More than enough for several albums & EPs. The first of these songs to see the light of day appear on “Laugh Freely, Laugh Often.” This material was grouped together with the intent of offering an intense blast of their patented “scream-along” garage-punk ditties. These four songs in just over 10 minuets act as a reminder of the intelligent ferocity of the group & its primary songwriter Kelly. 

     "Laugh Freely, Laugh Often" was recorded in a marathon three day session at Pulp City Music by producer Connor Pritchard in the band's hometown of Prince George, British Columbia. In an attempt to capture the band's live energy these four songs were recorded mainly live off the floor with the band recording their parts together. The session was a fun, yet intense, experience that lived up to the band's reputation as being "gluttons for funishment."

     "Laugh Freely, Laugh Often" opens with “Big Head Baby” a catchy screed dedicated to those that refuse to “get down with the program” & believe that “nobody is smarter than [them.]” Followed by the angular New Wave influenced “Red Light” which poses the question why go through life so quickly & intensely if we all ultimately end up at the same destination? Third track, & first video, “Secular Saints” taps into a more boogie-ish feel, offering a warning that it’s all too easy to “become what you hate.” Final & most aggressive track “Invisible Plot” points towards the band’s future material. Complex yet bludgeoning, the track sets the stage for the next phase of the group’s work. Main songwriter Kelly considers these songs to be both "the most political & yet the most personal" songs that the band has recorded to date. With intent to become increasingly weird & intense as they continue to mingle the political & the personal in ways only they can, the artistic future of Crones is looking bright. Crones’ new EP “Laugh Freely, Laugh Often” is scheduled for release through Mystic Turnip Records on October 28th 2022.



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