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Mario Politis - Release his song "Window"


The Greek alternative rocker Marios Politis, has just released a new video for a very unique song!  "Window"  is included in his debut album with the title "This is my Story", which was released before the end of 2020!

Once again, our character is fighting with his demons. 
This time however, he knows them, he understands them and he has accepted them. 
That's why he manages to turn his back and chooses to isolate himself to finally find solutions.

"Ok let's fight and find what's behind"    

Window was composed in such a moment of isolation for Marios. Its music & lyrics, capture the images that he sees through a Window on a street in London.
The video, that was created by Fotis Zigouris & Michalis Asthenidis, brings out with great sensitivity, the artist's need to express and purify himself!

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