martes, 21 de diciembre de 2021

Gemma: New single "Maseti"

It’s been less than two months since Gemma introduced themselves with their debut album and took us along on an ambient, electro-rock journey entangled with the Cretan folk music. This time Gemma returns and shares with us a different aspect of their music creativity!


With the drums, percussion, loops and bass they create a rhythm that makes the body moveand on the other hand, the electronic ambiencethe enchanting voice and the eerie sounds they make the mind travel. Maseti is a mystical, dance track which carries us in its raving world!


A sharpened knife, Maseti for Gemma is all about the contrasts, the conflicting elements and the choices we make. In a society where anything that exceeds the limits of regularity is considered reprehensible we must gather the strength to cut down our shackles, stand strong in the face of fear and let ourselves be free to express what we truly feel. A party beyond restrains!

Gemma consists of Danili Evangelia (voice, loops), Kaparos Giorgos (production, composition, loops, synths, guitars), Mavrogiannakis Nikos (drums), Paschidis Anastasis (bass) & Spinthourakis Apostolis (percussion, lyrics).


Video contributors:

Filming: Aleksandros Iliakis, Montage: Kaparos Giorgos, Dancers costume design: Eleanna Apostolaki, Artistic make up: Athina Veridaki, LightingManos Foustalierakis (Quality Sound), Konstantinos Papadopoulos, Juggling performance: Efi Lempesi (ovaproject).


Just a little before the end of 2021, Gemma returns with a new single – a new adventure. Maseti – a sharp knife in Cretan dialect idiom.  Close your eyes, let the energy guide you and free yourself!!!


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